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Azur Coollection

Our Azur line is created from used Louis Vuitton, Azur handbags.  Azur is an extremely hard pattern to come across and does sell out frequently.  Each item will come with a tag telling the story behind the piece it was created from.

These products are upcycled products made from legally purchased, used Louis Vuitton.  They are created by Patches of LV.  Patches of LV does not sell new Louis Vuitton products..  The condition of the Louis Vuitton products used in this upcycled product does not reflect the condition of the Louis Vuitton product as it was originally sold.  Patches of LV is not associated with Louis Vuitton S.A., or any other entity associated with such companies.  These products have not been endorsed by Louis Vuitton and does not fall under any warranty by Louis Vuitton.  The purchaser of the Patches of LV upcycled products understands and acknowledges that the product is not a Louis Vuitton Product.